Beers On Tap

Served Daily  |  All Day  |  $8 Pints


Drakes 1500 Pale Ale   |   5.5% ABV


Oakland Gold Golden Ale   |   5% ABV


1970’s Lager – Light Industrial Lager   |   3.9% ABV

Fort Point

Animal Tropical IPA   |   7.5% ABV

Del Cielo

Smooth Ride Stout   |   7% ABV


Friends In Space Hazy IPA   |   7% ABV

Ghost Town

Inhume IPA   |   7% ABV


Kolsch   |   5% ABV

East Brother

Red Lager   |   4.6% ABV


Juice Above The Clouds Double IPA   |   9% ABV

The Growler Club

Buy a growler with beer and when you return your empty growler, we replace it with a shiny clean one and fill it with your favorite brew!

64 oz. New with Beer  $35
64 oz. Refill  $24

Cans & Bottles

Cans & Bottles available.


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Green Certified

Our earth is important to us and we are doing our best to practice sustainability and resource conservation. There's so much to consider when trying to save a planet and we're starting by getting certified as a green business leader in our community in 2022